It Is All About Communication

The readings for this week, as well as the tutorial, reminded me of Castell’s article.  Castell talked about how politics is communication and really what it all comes down to is how to win over people’s minds.  Also, when I was going through the tutorial I felt as though it could have been a tutorial for how to create a campaign for someone running for public office.  I have never worked on a campaign before but I know campaigns find ways to show a politician’s values in order to reach the masses.  They do this through visuals, numbers, tone, solutions and messengers.  Campaigns are a time when I am reminded that I need to have a certain degree of media literacy.

I know that I am part of a public that has little contact with social issues.  How can we when 60% of all local TV news stories are under 30 seconds, and there is such a high percentage of air time devoted to weather forecasts? I have been hearing about the trial in New Jersey over the suicide of the gay freshmen.  The student, Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate put a video on the internet of a tryst Clementi had with another man.  The media was overflowing with reports about the suicide and it was used as a way to garner attention for gay hate crimes.  In reading about the trial, more is coming out about the roommate and perhaps some elements of the story were left out when the media reported on the suicide.

This particular incident is not a social movement in and of itself but was used by a social movement to gather attention and inspire action.  How much does it matter that the reports of the incident are not totally true?  How do individual flare-ups play in to the overall framing especially when the reporting on an incident is not controlled?  I understand that frames need to think systematically, long-term and thematically but I am still curious as to the connection.

The Benford and Snow piece comments on the proliferation of scholarship on framing.  If people are more aware that issues are being presented to them a certain way, does that change their reaction?

Framing is something that anyone advocate can and does do.  However, do movements with more resources frame their issues more effectively?  For instance, will a more financially endowed movement spread frame its issue more effectively because it is able to disseminate better visuals and work with the Frameworks Institute.  Oh but wait!  ICTs are changing the way communication, and thus framing, happens.


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