Absent but Being or Present but absent:On occupy movement and media


During the Aug. to Nove.2011, Occupy Wall Street became a great movement. News Spread into the whole World including into mainland China by internet, newspapers and TV rapidly. Although there wasn’t any real occupy in mainland China, China was absent but present. The new left-wing of Chinese intellectuals is very exciting; they talked about the situation of Chinese financial problem, sent email each other attached the news and photos about the occupy movement. As their opinion, this movement means the whole crisis of modern development system; financial crisis just is an appearance. The great gap between the rich and the poor couldn’t be decreased in today’s world system. The new class might be created, the revolutionary time is coming, and the Neoliberalism would be collapsed. And the world could be changed. But some scholars whose major are international relationship talked in TV show, this movement would be stop in this winter. Because they hadn’t any specific requirement, there were no representatives, no party, and no blood. Winter was coming, and they would go home.

After president Obama said he supported the movement, everyone, including into the left-wing, knew that the movement was over.

Jan. 2012, after one month of the movement, I arrived at Boston. My friend pointed out the Harvard yard and south station square told to me, this was the camp of occupy in the last three month. But it is clear and neat. No one discussed about it when those scholars gathered together except this class room and the occupyresearch.com, everything about occupy was disappeared in the public space. The newspaper talks about financial, election of candidate of Republican Party in US. And in china, all of us including the left-wing didn’t talk about this movement before the withdrawal of occupy. You couldn’t find any sign in the media.

Why did the great movement disappear, and be forgotten so quickly? Of course, occupy had happened, it is being but absent.

Sure, there are a lot of questions on this topic, just like why was the movement over? What was the purpose of the occupied? How much and what did the movement score achievement? Who did take part in the movement? What had prepared for the next time? As this project, I just want to focus on why we are absent but being, and how it had been there but disappeared? We hadn’t attended the occupy movement spot; all we taken part in shanghai is in media, being or not being, what kind effect of media was in this movement. In my opinion, media is not only a tool, a mediator but a part of the material power as one role.


Research Question:

What the role set of the media in the movement? And what is the relationship between the movement and the government? What is the real movement? Is it out of the movement spot? How to evaluate the role of media in the movement?

(If anyone publish unlawful assembly message which threaten the security of the country, he would be arrested. And if the situation were out of control, the government would suspend the internet service. But, basically, Media was controlled by capital, if there are any broken issues, there would be broken news, so media likes trouble and they like to be the first reporter. How the movement uses the media?

There wasn’t any charismatic’s leader, how could the movement start? Who called those persons, and how they mobilized and by what kind media?)


Occupy movement news (report) in newspaper and on TV.

Research Methods:

Observation and description, Interviews and surveys in the relation persons who had been at spot, who had taken care of this issue and so on, text reading and analysis.


Different newspapers analysis, statistic of the news, new media cultural studies; Media is the message, Harold Innis’s theory Bias of Media.

Detailed Work Plan:

14 March,finish Project,

15-30 March,Choice some newspapers and TV first, Investigate the balance between the movement news and the impression of newspapers/ audience rating of TV

1-15, April, framing the article, Statistic of the news during the movement and after the movement and see what happened in the two periods, 16-30 April, Interview persons’ change after they knew and read the movement news,

1 May, Analysis how the movement use the media according to the situation changing, relative analysis the result of the movement and the tendency of media.analysis the different bias between the new media and the traditional media and see what happened in the movement of the media

15 May, finish the first draft of this project.

Qili lei


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