One article that I chose to read, “Occupy Wall Street: Return of a Repressed Res-Publica” by Wendy Brown, asked why the Occupy movement started when it did.  There were opportunities in 2008, 2009 and 2011 for it to come in to existence.  However, the Arab Spring coupled with the Obama’s administration to deliver on the hope his campaign had promised to bring were the catalysts for Occupy (with the recession intensifying the movement).  It argues that now more than ever people are identifying with each other and rather than being divided by the policies and income inequalities that attempt to separate populations, we are coming together.  The article claims that Occupy “has revived the classical image of the nation as res-publica, the nation as a public thing.”  

One of the most interesting parts of the article for me was the section that talked about how depoliticized our vernacular as…

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