NewsJacking the Wellesley Website

A few weeks ago in my Networked Social Movements: Media & Mobilization class, we learned about tactical media. Our lab work that day was to “NewsJack” a website and “critique,” like tactical media artists do, to raise consciousness of an issue through art and activism. I decided to NewsJack my college’s homepage. Wellesley College is famous for a lot of things, mostly for being a single sex institution. We are also extremely proud of our famous alumnae. To be specific, we make sure everyone and their mothers know that Hillary Clinton graduated from Wellesley College. With the recent surge in Hillary’s popularity and the constant chatter of our Secretary of State at Wellesley, I decided to newsjack Wellesley’s website to be more about Hillary’s life.

I tweeted and updated my facebook status to include the link – . The Wellesley Wire, a subset of Wellesley’s Communication & Public Affairs office, saw my link and emailed me asking if they could post it on facebook.

I took a screen shot of the post but you can check out their status update at their facebook account – . They also tweeted at me and included the link to the site.

Needless to say, I have never garnered so many likes for something in my life.

*Just found this gem online. I’m thinking about newsjacking the Wellesley website again and including this amazing meme. 


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