Enrollment is open for Networked Social Movements seminar, Spring 2014!

I’m excited to say that I’ll be teaching the Networked Social Movements course again this Spring semester 🙂 Enrollment is now open!

CMS.361/861 Networked Social Movements: Media and Mobilization

Lecture: W2-5 (E15-363)

Provides an overview of social movement studies as a body of theoretical and empirical work, with an emphasis on understanding the relationship between social movements and the media. Explores multiple methods of social movement investigation, including textual and media analysis, surveys, interviews, focus groups, participant observation, and co-research. Covers recent innovations in social movement theory, as well as new data sources and tools for research and analysis. Includes short papers, a literature review, and a final research project. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments. Limited to 16.

I haven’t offered this course for over a year, and it’s been quite a year for networked movements. I’m looking forward to updating the syllabus to reflect the recent worldwide mobilization wave, along with theory, reflection, and new methods of investigation developed by both scholars and activists. Hope to see you there!