Intro: Garrett

Hello! I am Garrett Watson, currently a junior here at MIT studying Physics and a likely minor in CMS. I grew up near Tampa, FL, though I have family in South America (Suriname) and Europe (Netherlands, mainly). I’m curious about how social movements organize and use the internet to their advantage. For instance, translating a large online audience into a march down city streets. The ways in which activists spread their message and connect with other groups is something I’d like to understand to have practical knowledge to contribute to organizations that I may work with in the future. I am interested in looking at the environmental movement as part of this class. Issues such as the standing rock or keystone xl pipeline to study how they organize and work to protect the environment. Alternatively, I may look at environmental justice groups based in Florida, and look into conservation efforts near my home. Protecting the environment and wildlife is one of the things I care about most.


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