Hi. My name is Aziria D. Rodríguez Arce. I’m from Puerto Rico. I graduated from bachelor’s degree in Political Science and I’m currently enrolled in the CMS graduate program at MIT. I’ve worked with non-profit organizations on topics such as economic development and government transparency. In those organizations, I’ve basically developed technical products (websites, apps, and maps) to solve community issues in the areas I detailed before.

I’m interested in Networked Social Movements because I think the class will help me think about social justice movements and their use of information technologies in novel ways. Especially, I think I would gain valuable knowledge about less “professionalized” grassroots social movements in the hopes of improving organizational efforts in the future.

In terms of social movements, I’m interested in researching movements that use tactical frivolity and/or comedy spectacle to bring attention to social justices issues. I’m particularly interested in Movements like the 1960’s Yippies (Youth international party) which makes use of theatrics and comedy to defy authoritarianism and “conservative” politics both in the US.


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