Funnytics and The Deployment of humorous tactics for political purpose


The aim of this project is to explore and understand the effects (if any) that the use of humorous tactics such as culture jamming has in the spread of political ideas in social movements. To do this I will explore the historical deployments of humor around social movements. I will particularly concentrate, on two humorous culture jamming tactics: Tactical Frivolity/Media Pranks (in person acts) and Billboard Hacking. The use of this tactics will be observed in the context of two social movements: Billboard Liberation Front and Yo Mango. I will hold up interviews with culture jamming practitioners to talk about the production and deployment of humorous tactics for social justice endeavors.

Research Question

What effect does the use of humorous tactics such as culture jamming (and its deployments) have in the advancement of political ideas in social movements?

Case Selection

  • Billboard Liberation Front
  • Yo Mango


  • Document Analysis- Can be use to understand the cultural production and works developed by the organizations.
  • Interviews- Use to understand people that develop the tactics, their processes, its effects, etc.


  • Develop Theoretical Framework- This will involve evaluating the different tactical  and theoretical underpinnings of the role of humor in political protest. Particularly concentrating in the use of culture jamming tactics
    • Humor & Political Protest
    • Culture Jamming Tactics & Social Movements
  • Perform Document Analysis and Develop Case Study- Evaluate any literature created by and about the case selection to frame the development of the interview instrument in the context of culture jamming and social movements.
  • Develop Interview Instrument
  • Code and Analyze Interview
  • Compile and Present Findings


Mark Dery (1999) Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs. Grove Press

Sven Woodside (2001) Every joke is a tiny revolution. Culture Jamming and the role of humour. Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, Final M.A. Thesis.

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Warren Berger, Commercial Rebellion. Advertising’s voracious appetite for underground culture swallows another victim: culture jamming. In: Metropolis, Oct. 2000

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Kutz-Flamenbaum, R. V. (2014). Humor and Social Movements. Sociology Compass, 8(3), 294–304.


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