#TechWontBuildIt: Big Tech, It’s Time for a Reality Check


On July 11, 2018, Logic Magazine hosted a conversation on “the new tech resistance,” Tech Won’t Build It. This image is from the Facebook event page.

#TechWontBuildIt is a growing social movement made up of skilled workers in the tech industry who are pushing back against ethically questionable decisions made by their employers. As technology becomes increasingly advanced, complex software has been created with increasingly powerful capabilities. Unfortunately, all too often leadership at these tech companies will sacrifice ethical responsibility for the promise of a lucrative contract. Invigorated by the threat that the current administration poses towards minority groups in the US, tech workers have finally woken up and are organizing to keep their employers in check. Most recently, tech workers at major technology companies have successfully organized and protested to stop their employers from entering into contracts with the US Department of Defense that would implicate them in ethically irresponsible activity. This paper will examine the relationship between Big Tech and the skilled workers building the technology as the #TechWontBuildIt movement progresses. Additionally, this paper will investigate the role of the US government, particularly the US military, in the evolving conflict between tech workers and their employers.

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